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All meetings will now be held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7pm at the club.

DUES WILL BE DUE BY THE CLOSURE OF THE APRIL MEETING. Dues that were not paid by the close out the April meeting will now be assessed a late charge of $10. Contact Christine Garrity to pay your dues and tabs and receive the new combination. To the members that have already paid, you can receive it by stopping by the meeting or contacting Christine Garrity, Membership Chairman.



Youth League - January - March - Saturdays

We are also looking for volunteers to assist on Saturdays. If you can assist or for more information/questions, please contact Joanne or Jim Gilmore at 766-2132.

Darchery Shoot - January - April Tuesday Nights- 7pm - $5 - Open to the Public

Indoor 3-D Shoot - January - April Thursday Nights - 7pm - $8 - Open to the Public

Summer Outdoor Shoot - May - September Wednesday night (A bunch of members go meet on Wednesday after work but can shoot any night of the week) - 5:30pm - $5 - Open to the Public

This website has very helpful information, how to's and tips on the following:

The Basics of archery, History of archery, Parts of a bow, Finding draw length, Adjusting draw weight and length, Using a bow press, Tying archery knots, Proper archery form, Selecting archery and bow hunting equipment, Adding archery accessories, Compound bow tuning, Timing a bow, Yoke tuning a bow, Paper tuning a bow, Walk back tuning a bow, Adjusting a bow sight, Manufacturer's bow specs, Hunting tips, Product reviews & Forums. Be sure to check them out.

Just click on the link above and it will take you to their website.

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